Turn me over, I think I'm done on that side

Welcome to the post where I whine about how hot it is.

Okay, yeah, I know, it's hot everywhere. But this is my blog.

It's 93 degrees, and although the weather site says the humidity is 47%, it sure feels like it's higher. The national weather service site shows excessive heat warnings curling around the area where I live, with areas of heat advisory all around the sides where the excessive heat warning isn't. We're in an island of space that's just hot, but not so hot they felt they had to tell us about it. There's also a high pressure area over us, and watching the radar images shows weather swirling in a clockwise direction around us, but we're doing well if we get even a few sprinkles out of all those afternoon pop-up storms we keep getting told about.

It's only June 21. This is a weather pattern that usually pops up in July and August. I'm not looking forward to the next few months.

On another blog (apologies, I don't remember whose it was), I found a link that led to Author!Author!, a blog that deals a lot with issues involved in writing and publishing. The current series of posts is on what she calls "Frankenstein Manuscripts", and is well worth the time it takes to read through them. It deals a lot with what mistakes aspiring authors make that get their manuscripts rejected by literary agencies and editors. (No, it's not about the horror genre, although some of the errors she writes about are horrors themselves.)

Editing has been completed on Rio Star. There is still the galley stage to get through, but I don't expect that to be very difficult, unless something goes very, very wrong somewhere.

I've also been collecting more places where my first book is available for order. Eventually I get them added to the list at the top of the page. When I'm not melting from the heat. And don't forget that you can order a copy in at brick and mortar bookstores. It takes a little longer to get that way, but if you're concerned about doing business online, it's probably your best bet.

If you've visited my website, you'll have noticed that it's a) somewhat plain, and b) not necessarily all that well organized. I've got plans for it, but it will take a bit of work to get it where I want it. I'll post and let you know once I've got the new stuff up and running--in the meantime, the old is still there and works fine.

It's been more than a year now since my ankle was broken. It's healed, sometimes a bit sore, and although I have quite a bit of the flexibility in it that I'd had prior to the break, it's still lacking a bit when it comes to stairs. Going up them is fine. Coming down them...the joint doesn't bend quite as much as needed, which makes it a little awkward. I usually end up with a sore ankle for the rest of the day. I also have a remnant discoloration of my lower shin from the strap the doctors used to cut off the blood flow/hold my leg in place during the surgery. I tend to retain remnant discolorations in the layers under the skin from very heavy bruising on my legs. It's not dark or anything, but it will probably be there for another year or so.

I hope, wherever you are, that you're enjoying air conditioning and something cold to drink. Be safe in the heat.