Celestial Rose

A rose made of galaxies

This 'rose' is actually two interacting galaxies, in an image captured by the Hubble Telescope. You can find a larger version of it at Hubblesite.org.

Odds and ends

Our yard has become part sponge, part wading pool. I think the last time there was this much water in our yard, there was a 'possum that had taken shelter under our house, and for a few days couldn't get out. The opening it had come in through was under water. We'd finally managed to prop open the access door to give it a way out, but I think it still waited a little rather than swim to get through the opening.

I'm ready for the rain to end. First the unusual winter weather, and now this. Of course, once summer gets here and we have to deal with scorching heat and tinder-dry grass, we'll be wanting a bit of this rain, but this is a bit much all at once.

Reef Runner is now available from Mundania Press. Currently, the PDF is available for immediate download. The trade paperback is orderable, but probably won't be printed until the middle of May, or thereabouts. Such is the joy of working with POD. It takes about a month for Ingram to list the book, after which time it can be ordered and received within a few days if ordered through Amazon, or a bit longer from other venues, depending. I'll keep my list of where to order kept up to date as new places become available, but for now, it's from the Mundania site.

Purplume reviewed Rio Star, for which I once again say, 'thank you'.

Cathy at Kittling: Books has done a review of Blood Money that had me grinning from ear to ear. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it, ma'am!

I'll probably start posting a monthly list of what I've been reading. I'll likely say something about the ones I really enjoyed, but I doubt I'll do more than make a notation on the ones I didn't enjoy or didn't finish. For some reason, people forget that authors are also readers with opinions, and when we express negative opinions, we're considered to be jealous, and we get pounced on by fans of the author we 'dissed'. I don't really care to deal with rabid fandom.

Looking forward to sunshine, which the weather forecast says we should get in a couple of days.