Recent Reads

And now, for some long-delayed recent reads:

Agatha Christie:

The Murder at the Vicarage
Death in the Clouds
Dumb Witness
The Hollow

"Richard Castle":

Frozen Heat Once again, based on the series Castle, as written by the show's star. (actually written by Dan Brown. Someone had to do it, lol!)

Laurie R King:

Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series. Holmes meets his match, and his wife.

The Beekeeper's Apprentice
A Monstrous Regiment of Women
O Jerusalem
Justice Hall
The Game
Locked Rooms
The Language of Bees
The God of the Hive
The Pirate King
Garment of Shadows
Beekeeping for Beginners Short story, tells the meeting of Holmes and Russell from Holmes' point of view.

Charles Todd:

A Question of Honor Bess Crawford
Cold Comfort: A Novella Ian Rutledge short story

Ngaio Marsh:

The Nursing Home Murders

Ruth Downie:

Semper Fidelis The fifth Ruso novel, set in Roman Britain at the time of Hadrian's visit.

Robert Goldsborough:

Picks up where Rex Stout left off...

Archie Meets Nero Wolf: A prequel to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteries
Murder in E Minor
The Last Coincidence

Patrick O'Brian:

The Aubrey/Maturin series, set during the Napoleonic Wars:

Master and Commander
Post Captain
H.M.S. Surprise
The Mauritius Command
Desolation Island
The Fortune of War
The Surgeon's Mate
The Ionian Mission
Treason's Harbor
The Far Side of the World
The Reverse of the Medal
The Letter of Marque
The Thirteen-Gun Salute
The Nutmeg of Consolation
The Truelove
The Wine-Dark Sea
The Commodore
The Yellow Admiral
The Hundred Days
Blue at the Mizzen
21: The Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey Three chapters of what would have been the next novel, had Patrick O'Brian not died when he did.

The movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is a sort of conglomeration of incidents from the books, and makes up a sort of 22nd adventure, since it really doesn't follow the plot line for any of them.

These were a mix of ebooks and paper.

Winter hasn't been pleasant for any of us this year, it appears. Looking forward to it ending.

More later~~