Envy in the writing world

There's a wonderful post over at Pimp My Novel about that nasty little thing called envy and how it affects relationships among writers. It's one of those things you don't really expect to happen, but it does, and it's nice to be aware of it before it rears up and whacks you in the face, whether you find yourself being envious or on the receiving end of the envy.

Inevitable Envy

The website rewrite is coming along nicely. In fact, I've got it mostly online now. There are a few pages where information has yet to be added, but most of it's there and ready to go. Feel free to check it out here.


Sauna days

If you know where to find the National Weather Service watches and warnings map, take a look at that big ugly orange spot spread out over the center of the US. We're in the middle of that. Tomorrow's supposed to be another 100 degree day. With all this humidity, the idea that you could gain the same sauna experience sitting on your front porch that you could get in a high-priced health club is not all that far-fetched.

I actually feel more sorry for the folks further south, where they live along the Arkansas River. The radar the other day showed not just the normal humidity in the air, it showed the humidity added by water evaporating from the river, in a green line that followed the course of the river. A 107 degree day with that sort of humidity must feel abysmal. Quite a bit more sauna-like than I particularly want to experience.

Being inside in front of the fans puts me in a good position to work on my website, though. The rebuild is coming along all right. It's the first time I've done the coding by hand, and I'm enjoying the process. It should be a vast improvement over the website I've got now. I'll tear down the old one and upload the new once it's finished and ready to go. I'm planning on adding brief explanations of how the various books came to be written, as well as short biographies for Patty and her family, and other characters where warranted.

Rio Star has been through the galley stage, and has been sent for at least one review. I've got cover art for Reef Runner, but I'm not sure it's the final version yet, so I'm not posting it for now. I have a writing post in mind on the use of modifiers, but I'm still gathering my thoughts on it.

Speaking of writing posts, head on over to Hey, There's A Dead Guy In The Living Room for one of those posts that you wish every novice writer would read.

Enough for now. Oh, by the way, if you've read Blood Money and enjoyed it, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble, or both, if you're feeling really generous. :)