Being a Butterfly

Coming out of Winter makes me feel like a bit like a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis--maybe not a pretty one, but at least no longer earthbound.

Kira has changed jobs and familial relationships in the new story, which seems to be working fine. I love it when a story starts to flow! I'm much more comfortable with the character and the level of knowledge she should be expected to have in her environment.

I'm running a drawing for copies of my books in e-format. Visit my website for further info on this--but the contest ends at the end of March, so don't wait too long.

The two Stargate series start up again next month--wooohoooo!! I'm also looking forward to when the new Doctor Who series starts. Also enjoying CSI (the original series), NCIS, House, and enjoyed Eureka when it was on. My reading life has been a little sparse lately. Probably ought to dust off my library card.

I've got some links to add soon. But for now, here's one to the Writer Beware Two Thumbs Down Publishers List, which is a companion to their list of agents and agencies to avoid.

More soon~~


How time flies...

Yikes! It's been a while since I posted last.

The Eppies have been awarded. Alas, my book didn't win, but I'll be getting a nice frameable finalist certificate, so I'll have something to show for it. To find out who did win in the various categories, visit the Eppies page for the complete list. And Congratulations! to the winners!

Spring is arriving at long last. I have to say that I'm much happier with the temperatures outside the house and in. Of course, eventually my worst pollen allergies will strike, but for the moment I'm all right. The grasses are pollinating, but I'm also not eating wheat right now, so it's made a difference in how reactive I am to it. (Gotta remember--don't eat wheat in the Spring!)

I have to confess that a few years ago, I wrote so much stuff in a short period of time that I burned out. It's been a chore getting myself back to the point of wanting to write, but it's happening. All my usual tricks for getting a story started aren't working anymore, so I'm having to find new ones, including something I never used to do, plotting a story out on paper before I started writing it. I've already got a lot of Kira's story plotted out on paper (although some things have changed since I first wrote it all down), so I'll give it another go and see if I can make some progress on it. I'll let you know if it makes a difference.

Hope your Spring is a great one!