Another cold weekend

Did I mention before that I hate winter?

It's the all-pervasive coldness, I think. Even places that are heated are cold, at least to me. I really hate going to bed with cold feet.

The anthology story that was going through edits, titled "Picture Imperfect," is now back with the head editor. Glad to have that done. And I'm back to doing research...Kira's story is going to be a slow write, so I'm going to work on it between working on other projects.

The diet's going great. Went out to buy some new jeans this weekend, and got the next size down from where I was, figuring I'd be able to wear them in another week or so. After I got them home, I tried them on and discovered that I should have gotten the next size below that, because these are loose. Nice problem to have, though.

My website has moved to a new addy. It's now at http://www.peppersmithbooks.com There's a forward set up at the old address to get you to the new one, but that will eventually be gone.

Still pondering the critiquing post.

Until next time~~~


Mission Accomplished

Whew! The talent show that got canceled last week was rescheduled for the 19th, and as the day got closer, it looked like the weather was going to get us again. It held off just long enough, though, and the program went off almost as scheduled. A couple of acts couldn't be there that night, due to scheduling problems, but all the rest came off well, I think.

Just got back that story I wrote for a new anthology, so I've got a bit of work to do. Thankfully, it's just small things, like the overuse of the word 'that'. Funny how that stuff creeps in and I never notice it. Thank goodness for editors.

Still working on the critiquing post, although I think it'll be two posts, now.

Until next time~~~


Sigh. I hate winter.

We're looking at getting freezing rain Saturday. Okay, I know, it's not like other parts of the country haven't been inundated by freezing stuff already this year, but the singing group I'm part of was scheduled to be part of a talent show Saturday night. There's been a lot of time and effort put into it by all parties involved, and it will be a shame if we have to cancel, although of course lives are more important than getting up on stage and singing. There's still a chance that the weather will change before Saturday actually gets here, but it seems like every time I check the National Weather site, the forecast gets worse. We'll be rescheduling, of course, if we have to cancel. Just a matter of finding another time when the performance site is going to be available.

I'm working on a post about critiquing. Don't know exactly when it will be ready.

Kira's story is still evolving. The baddie is finally making some serious input into the story. 'Bout time, is all I can say. I hate when they hang back and don't tell me what they're up to.

Christine Speakman over at Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine reviewed the entire Patty O'Donnell series as one piece. Very nice review.

The wind that's coming in ahead of the weather has stirred up a lot of crud, so I'm a bit allergy-brained right now. More when I'm a bit more lucid.