Glamour article about Pepper Smith

Glamour magazine's website now has the article up about the Pepper Smith who was kidnapped at age four. The link is http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/2011/03/i-was-kidnapped-at-age-4.

Again, this isn't me, but I get a lot of traffic on my website and blog looking for her, so I'm happy to direct you on to what you're probably really looking for.


Blood Money Review

There's a very nice review of Blood Money over at purplume's blog.

Thank you very much, ma'am, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


New cover

This is the new cover for Reef Runner. It's difficult to tell from this size, but the diver farthest from the viewer is holding a knife, which explains the weird position of the closer diver. A bit more dynamic than the first cover, I think.

If all goes to plan, the ebook version should be coming out on April 12.