Changing Seasons

Fall is coming. I can't say I'm terribly excited about that. While I'm happy to be out of the upper 90s and 100s that we endured during July and August, I don't like it when the temperatures drop below the mid 70s. Guess I live in the wrong part of the US. I'm also one of those folks who suffer from year-round allergies. I'll try not to harp on that when I post, but it's a part of daily life, and it's going to crop up. For instance, Fall weather, and the first killing frost, will put an end to the pollen that's still out there, but all that rotting, damp plantlife brings on the mold, which impairs my ability to write. Just when I was beginning to make some headway on the new novel, too.

Ah well. Best thing to do is haul out the big brush and paint in what I can, getting the basic storyline on paper. I can go back and add in details with the fine brush later. I don't think Patty, my protagonist, will mind all that much.


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