Lazy November afternoon

The year continues to pass at an incredible rate. When you're little and your parents tell you that one day the time will pass at a much higher rate of speed, it's impossible to imagine. Of course, it doesn't go any faster or slower in reality, but subjectively, it seems like only a short time ago that I was training myself to write 2006 rather than 2005 on my checks.

Patty's cousin Eddie has bowed out of the next story after all. Her husband insisted it was his turn to spend a whole book with her. Who am I to argue?

One of my favorite e-authors, Pauline B. Jones, has been saying some very nice things about my book Blood Money lately on her blog. If you haven't had a chance to read any of her work, check her listings at Fictionwise.com. Her latest book is Out of Time, which I have not yet had the pleasure of reading. I'm quite fond of the Lonesome Lawman series.

Until next time~~~

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