Another cold weekend

Did I mention before that I hate winter?

It's the all-pervasive coldness, I think. Even places that are heated are cold, at least to me. I really hate going to bed with cold feet.

The anthology story that was going through edits, titled "Picture Imperfect," is now back with the head editor. Glad to have that done. And I'm back to doing research...Kira's story is going to be a slow write, so I'm going to work on it between working on other projects.

The diet's going great. Went out to buy some new jeans this weekend, and got the next size down from where I was, figuring I'd be able to wear them in another week or so. After I got them home, I tried them on and discovered that I should have gotten the next size below that, because these are loose. Nice problem to have, though.

My website has moved to a new addy. It's now at http://www.peppersmithbooks.com There's a forward set up at the old address to get you to the new one, but that will eventually be gone.

Still pondering the critiquing post.

Until next time~~~

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