Greetings in August

Dropping in for a quick hello before the storms get here.

You know it's been really, really hot when 82F feels wonderful. We've had a string of days in the upper 90s/lower 100s, and without air conditioning (our house never had one) it's been a lot of taking it easy and accomplishing little during the worst parts of the day. Since the most comfortable parts of the day have been at night, it's also meant getting less sleep, because that good part of the day has to be divided between getting stuff done and sleeping. It looks like we're in for a few days in the lower 90s, so maybe the really hot stuff is gone for the summer.

I'm now on chapter 6 of the new novel. I'm still not certain Kira will end up with the hero of the story, since he's got some issues with her, but there's still two thirds of the book to go, so we'll see.

I've saved some links to share with you, some of which will go in the sidebar when I eventually get around to adding them there--

From the Writer Beware blog: Writers and Money, an instructive look at reality in the writing business.

From Galleycat: The Bookshelf at Your Fingertips, Literally, a short article about what the future of reading will include.

And finally, from Crimespace: Why A Published Author Will Decline to Read Your Unpubbed Manuscript, a must-read for aspiring authors.

I'm hearing thunder, so I'm off to pull fans from windows until the storm's past. Until later~~

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