Plagiarism is, basically, taking the words another has written and putting your own name to them, as if they were yours.

There are some wonderful blog posts around the web on the subject of plagiarism and why it's something writers and readers shouldn't tolerate.

Anti-Plagiarism Day!

It's Anti-Plagiarism Day

The posts contain a lot of links to other posts on the subject as well, so expect to spend some time looking.

Intellectual property has always had trouble getting the respect it deserves. It is exactly that--property. When you take someone else's words and present them as your own, it's stealing. It's the same as if you walked into a craftsman's workshop, picked up a fine carving from his workbench, walked off with it, and put it on display as your own work.

This is not flattery. The person you stole from will not feel that you've paid homage to them, and will not thank you. If you like a turn of phrase or a passage from a book that much, buy the book and put it on your shelf where you can re-read it all you want. Don't steal what someone else labored over and display it as your own work.

Plagiarism doesn't happen by accident. Don't be guilty of it.

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