Editing round 2, done

Got back second round edits on Blood Money, as expected. Unless Alexandra finds anything that we missed the first two times through, we're probably done.

Here are some links to blog posts that might be of interest to writers:

What do you think? -- Talks about authors' attitudes toward themselves and their work, and how it can affect promotion efforts.

The Myth of "Just An Author" -- Can an author be 'just an author' and leave everything else to his publisher?

Book Publishing Glossary -- Ever hear a publishing term and wonder what it meant? Now you can find out!

Not publishing related, but hilarious: Cake Wrecks -- When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong.

Currently I'm reading Triple Jeopardy by Rex Stout, and Persona Non Grata by Ruth Downie. Enjoying both.

Current ankle condition: I'm up and hobbling without support now, but goodness! Sometimes it hurts more now than I did when I broke the thing!

I'm going to have to look through my saved links and update the links in the sidebar. There are a number of useful blogs I haven't got listed there, such as Pimp My Novel, which are both fun to read and informative about the publishing business.

Until next time~~

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