Last day before the storm

Hmm. It appears that I was incorrect when I put the last big ice storm at the end of December 2008. Today is supposedly the one-year anniversary of the storm, which I guess is rather fitting, since we have another one coming in late tonight/early tomorrow. Possible accumulation of up to an inch of ice, plus 1-5 inches of sleet and snow. We've got candles and food for days without power, but I'm hoping it won't come to having the power knocked out. I have books to read, and pen and paper to scribble the latest story on, just in case.

Speaking of books, I gave up on the Ariana Franklin books. They're quite a bit darker than I really wanted to read.

Just finished reading Fatally Flaky, by Diane Mott Davidson. Also read Heat Wave, by "Richard Castle", and See Delphi and Die, by Lindsey Davis. Currently reading Whose Body?, by Dorothy L Sayers. I hate to admit it, but I tried to read this book before and totally couldn't get in to it. If I'd based my entire view of the series on that one book, I'd never have discovered the wonderful stories she told later. The "Richard Castle" book is a lot like an episode of the TV show, except where it isn't. If you've seen the show, you'll know where it's different when you read the book. I'll probably buy more of Lindsey Davis' work, since I enjoyed her book, which is set in the Roman era. As for Fatally Flaky...I think Goldie Shultz has finally truly hit TSTL status. I hate saying that, because I really have enjoyed previous outings.

I'm pretty sure at this point that Patty will be going solo in the new story. I'm still intending to have one with Patty's husband, Micheal, playing more than a mostly-offstage role, but it will be one with horses in it.

I've got some writing posts percolating through my brain at the moment. Hopefully I'll get them written soon.

Stay warm and dry, if possible...

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