And now, Rio Star's new cover

Got the new cover for Rio Star. The artist kept the girl and the fonts from the Blood Money cover to help connect the series. I think (at least I hope) the top image is supposed to be Buenos Aires, and the bottom is, of course, a horse race in progress.

We're in the process of editing the book. So far it's been pretty painless, but again, this is the second publisher for these books, so most of the rough edges have already been knocked off.

More later~~

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Becca/Shana said...

Congrats on the success with the cover. Cover art can be time consuming, but getting it just right I think is more important than people realize. You want something that represents your story and also catches the attention of the reader.

I will admit that covers are a huge process of my book buying.

First: Oooh, pretty cover. What's this book about? (shallow, eh?)

Second: *reads pitch* Great concept! Wonder what's INSIDE the cover

Third: Read the first page. Does it grab me? If so, it's a buy :)

Good luck with your new publisher!