And it's now...spring?

There are, at present, clumps of snow falling from the sky. And by that, I don't mean just the snowflakes that have clumped together as they've fallen to earth. I'm also talking about the clumps that are falling off the tree limbs, which I can see through the back window of the house.

It's snowed pretty heavily since around 3:30pm yesterday. There's probably about 8 inches or more of snow on the ground. The cars are humps of white on wheels. Tree limbs are little narrow bands of dark with thick bands of white on them. The wind is picking up some, so the snow is getting jostled off the thinner limbs. Tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to be up around 50F, which means this won't last long, but for the moment we're housebound.

This wouldn't be a problem, since we've got plenty of food and the electricity hasn't gone out, except the kiddo has picked up the yearly virus and is running the usual 100 temperature. Usually I'd give him Gatorade to drink, but the only thing I've got in the house vaguely like Gatorade is a bottle of orange Vitamin Water, which he won't drink because he thinks it smells and tastes the way old people's houses smell (uh, don't ask me. I can't figure that one out, either). Since he'll probably do little more than sleep today, I figure I'll just keep checking on him to make sure he gets enough water, and worry about the Gatorade tomorrow once the roads have cleared.

As of a moment ago, my book still wasn't listed as available for sale on my publisher's website. Still sitting on my hands, for the moment. Blogger has added a pages feature, like the one Wordpress has, so I'll probably try to get a teaser up for Blood Money on one of the pages. Keep an eye out for it.

Out for now~~~

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