And the winners are...

...by default, Snuffygump and Purplume, since they were the only ones to enter. Ladies, take your victory stroll around the track, and when you come back, email me your addresses (erm, yes, even you, Snuffygump. I've managed to misplace it.)

The weather forecast looks nastier by the hour, so if you guys don't get email confirmation from me on your addresses, just be patient. I'll get to it once we're up and running again. I really hope it doesn't do what they're forecasting. Especially the -7 degrees they're talking about a few nights from now. The houses in this part of the country really aren't designed to handle that sort of cold. Not to mention that a lot of trees were damaged in the ice storm a couple of years ago, and even a light coating of ice with the winds they're talking about is going to bring a lot of limbs down. Ah, the lovely sound of chainsaws echoing across frozen fields buried under 4-10 inches or more of snow.

Naw, I think I'd rather not imagine that.

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purplume said...

Thank you Pepper, I'm eagerly awaiting them.