Shuttle launch and cover update

As many times as we've seen the space shuttle launches on TV, generally a ground view watching the column of fire and smoke rise into the air, I don't think I've seen it from the air before. This clip was caught by a passenger on a jet, which just happened to be passing by in range to see the Discovery make its last trip into space.

Shuttle Launch clip

I got a black and white copy of the Reef Runner cover for an ad in RT Book Reviews, and there are changes. I don't have a color copy yet, but I'll post it when I do.


purplume said...

Best luck with Reef Runner. I see the ocean is a big part of your books. How did you come to be this way?
Wow amazing video. When my son was about ten, I took him for a special trip to see a space launch. It was postponed! And so were the nest two he went to see. I'm sending him this video. Thanks.

Pepper Smith said...

Thank you, ma'am!

As to the ocean, I think the fact that I'm landlocked probably has something to do with that. Plus I have an interest in sailing ships and sunken treasure. Getting to actually visit the coast only helped reinforce the fascination. That much water in motion is both awe-inspiring and energizing.

purplume said...

Yes I agree about the water.